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Comfortable Wood Jewelry

We want to give you the lightest, most comfortable earrings EVER!

We started WHITL Woodworking in Abilene, Texas because Judy was in pain. We realized that her jaw pain was because of the heavy earrings she was wearing. Apparently it is such a big problem, Good Morning America did a whole story on it! That's when we realized we could help millions of women with the same problem.

Comfy Wood Earrings - Laser Cut to Perfection.

Our customers are heroes who value things that are Made in the USA. All of our wood jewelry is laser cut right in our hometown of Abilene, Texas. We use scientifically engineered wood to ensure you have the lightest, most comfortable jewelry ever!

You deserve earrings that are socially responsible. Because of our background working with Intellectually disabled people, we decided to partner with a local nonprofit to help us build our jewelry. Every time you buy a pair of earrings you are helping to give skills training and jobs to people with intellectual and mental disabilities.

Our customers are heroes.

Little Earrings make a big impact.

We are committed to being an eco-friendly company. Because you deserve it.

Our customers are committed to a better world. That drives our commitment to the environment. Every week we visit local Big Box retailers and collect cardboard packaging that is then used to make the earring cards for every pair of wood earrings that WHITL woodworking makes.

All of our laser cut jewelry cards uses 100% upcycled cardboard from local retailers.

We partner with local mental health nonprofits to assemble our earrings.

Everything is Made in Texas!

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Who Makes these Awesome Earrings?

Jake & Sam started WHITL with Jake's parents with one dream. To make the most comfortable earrings in the world and make our customers everywhere look beautiful!

We want to embody our customer's commitment to the environment, a desire to help their communities. Because of your commitment and some totally awesome sci-fi lasers, we are able to make our dream of the lightest pair you'll ever wear real.

Because of customers like you our dream is alive!