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Our goal is to give you a little slice of Texas with every piece of our Jewelry.

Our goal is to give you a little slice of Texas with every piece of our Jewelry.

Texas Wood Jewelry

We started WHITL Woodworking in November of 2018. After running for Texas congress. I needed a creative outlet for my energy. One night my mother-in-law, Judy, mentioned that she did not wear earrings anymore. They were too heavy causing her ears to hurt. We started talking and realized that if we could make jewelry out of fashionable and lightweight materials we could help a lot of people. The idea for WHITL was born. Then came the hard part, convincing Jake and John.

Most of my life I have lived in Texas. I still remember my first trip to see the capitol in Austin when I was in fourth grade. I was so excited I could barely breathe. Texas is a wild contradiction. It is Cowboy and Native American, Mexican and American, traditional and forward-looking. When trying to figure out what we were about the answer was pretty easy. We are Texas

Handmade in Texas

We handmake all of our jewelry right here in Abilene, Texas. When we first started WHITL in 2018 John and Judy handled the assembly. After designing and making the wood and leatherette pieces in Abilene Sam would hand it off to John and Judy in Eastland and they would assemble every one of the earrings by hand. So when we say handmade we mean it. When all that work got to be too much for two people to keep up with we approached our local state school to help with assembly. Sam and Judy previously worked with intellectually disabled people and it is still near to their hearts. Assembling for us gives them not only a paycheck, but it also keeps production here in Texas instead of shipping another job overseas. It also provides them with skills they can translate to other jobs if they ever decide to leave their facility. 

Eco-Friendly and we live it!

We want to be an eco-friendly company. We are hardcore recyclers. We also keep the thermostat at eighty degrees in the Summer (yes Texas Summer) and when it comes to our values our business is the same. All of our wood is not only manufactured in the United States but it is sourced from sustainable forests. We are committed to sustainability. When we pick up groceries from our local store we take all the cardboard shipping slips we can find. These are what we use to make the cards for our earrings. So when you buy a WHITL piece of jewelry you can be sure you are buying from a company that wants to invest in the future of our planet.

Texas is big and diverse. We want to reflect that. Our goal is to give you a slice of Texas every time you open a package from us. We love Texas and we want you to love Texas too.

Sam Hatton of WHITL Handmade Texas Wodoen Jewelry

Design / Managment

Sam Hatton

Jake Lanehartof WHITL Handmade Texas Wodoen Jewelry


Jake Lanehart

Judy Lanehart part owner of WHITL Handmade Texas Wodoen Jewelry

Design / Manufacturing

Judy Lanehart

John Lanehart part owner of WHITL Handmade Texas Wodoen Jewelry


John Lanehart