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Laser Cut Earrings

You want the lighest earrings ever. We make them... with lasers!

Laser Cut Earrings are our main and first creation. Our process produces beautiful and precise earrings that will last for a long time. Each pair of wood earrings is individual and unique because of the variation in natural material.

Laser Cut Earrings - Made in the USA

Our process starts with the lightest engineered wood in the world. Each piece is examined for quality and uniqueness. So each pair of earrings has a unique grain like no other pair.

The accessories you choose to wear are a reflection of you. Our customers value sustainability, community, and uniqueness. They have a style all their own!

Laser Cut Earrings-Made in the USA

Each pair of laser cut earrings are made in Abilene, Texas.

Every pair of our laser engraved earrings are Made in the USA. We manufacture each pair here at our home office in Abilene, TX. Because of this we are able to keep jobs and our company based here instead of importing from China or India.

All of our laser cut jewelry cards uses 100% upcycled cardboard from local retailers.

Everything is Made in Texas!

Unique, Handmade, Comfortable.
WHITL jewelry tells YOUR story.


Incredibly Light

Made in TX

Eco Friendly