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Elegant Heart Puzzle Charm Toggle Necklace


We strive to support people in the IDD community. Including the Autism community.
That’s why we choose to partner with our local state school for our jewelry manufacturing.

  • IDD supporting business
  • 18 inches long
  • Nickel-free
  • Bright Silver Findings
  • Lightweight
  • Made in Texas

What makes our Puzzle Charm Toggle Necklace different?

The puzzle piece has long been the symbol for autism awareness. In celebration of this autism awareness month, we have decided to release an adorable Puzzle Charm Toggle Necklace.

Our puzzle charm necklace is made from wood sourced from sustainable sources in the USA. We also partner with our local state school for our light manufacturing.

How to style our Puzzle Charm Toggle Necklace

Ready to go out to your next Autism Awareness fundraiser? Go in style with our Puzzle necklace or dress them down with a modern office look.

If you want to post some pics of you wearing them in your best sweatpants, please tag us on Instagram so we can share your style with the world. We would love to see our jewelry on you!

The Downlow:

Each pair of our Puzzle Charm Toggle Necklace use bright, silver-colored chain to add a pop of color to these earrings. All of our findings are nickel-free.

  • Wood Charms. – Exquisite finishes make for a very high-end look.

  • Handmade in Texas. – We partner with our local state school to make our earrings by hand right here in the USA.

  • 18 inches long

  • Nickel-free

We took months to source the perfect materials partner because we wanted something special for our customers. Our wood is engineered to be as light as possible without sacrificing what makes wood jewelry so unique. We source our wood from eco-friendly manufacturers right here in the USA.

Life Proof

Your kid got lunch on your new earrings! Don’t worry, wipe them off with a damp cloth and you are good to go!  So you don’t have to throw them out when life happens.

Standing by our values

We believe in businesses that works for a better world. That is why every pair is Handmade in Texas. We make every pair from high-quality, lightweight, wood so you can look fashionable all day without all that weight on your ear. WHITL partners with our local state school to provide work for people living with intellectual disabilities. We also partner with our local Women’s Job Corps and donate our returns and overstock so they can wear them to the interviews that the organization helps them set up. We even intentionally directly recycle cardboard for our earring cards. Our earring cards are made from cardboard we recycle from our local big box stores.

We also choose to partner with small, independent boutiques. Because we believe in small business. We are one! That is why we work tirelessly to spotlight new and interesting boutique stores that we partner with and elevate the stories of the towns that benefit from having them. We believe that every small town business has a unique and interesting story and that is why we are proud to partner with small retailers around Texas.

You will LOVE these handmade earrings. Not just for their beauty but for the values of the business that made them.


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