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Snakeskin & Walnut Earring


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Classic teardrop shape with some bite. The triple threat of a unique fabric design, leatherette, and wood is sure to attract all the attention you can handle.

This pair is 1.5 inches tall. All of our findings are nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

What makes our Snakeskin Earrings different?

You are out. Make an impression. Our handmade leatherette earrings are designed to match outfits as fierce as you and make a statement doing it. These earrings will become a staple pair in your wardrobe!

  • High-quality fabric and leatherette.

  • Lightweight!!!

  • Walnut Wooden accent.ย 

  • Handmade in Texas.

  • 1.5 inches tall.

  • Life Proof.

  • High-End Finishes.

Wear these every day. Because of their more subtle look, they will match any style and are a great value to your wardrobe. So they look perfect at the office, going to pick up the kids or just a quick trip to the grocery store.

Your kid got lunch on your new earrings! Don’t worry, wipe them off with a damp cloth and you are good to go! Leatherette earrings are life-proof! So you don’t have to throw them out when s*** happens.

Velvety felt backs give our earrings a finished look. So you can have that craft charm with a high-end finish.

Our medium-sized, double leatherette earrings are for those women who want a multi-use pair that can transition in style from work to the gym to a night out with the girls.

These take the unique, teardrop style, handmade earrings to the next level by contrasting different leatherette colors. So you can make a statement anywhere you go without saying a word.

Handmade in Texas from high-quality, lightweight, vegan, leatherette material so you can look fashionable all day without all that weight on your ear. Every backer is made from cardboard we recycle from our local big box stores. Each earring comes with 2 leatherette colors. The color choice corresponds to the bottom layer color.

You will LOVE these handmade earrings.


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