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Spring 2021 Jewelry Photoshoot

It was incredibly fun to work with Sadie and Zach on our Spring photoshoot.

Walnut Starburst Mid century modern earrings on model
Walnut Starburst Mid century modern earrings on model
Autism Puzzle Earrings
Autism Puzzle Earrings

Sadie is an incredibly talented model. Her bubbly personality and professionalism made this shoot a breeze. You will definitely be seeing more of her in the future!

We shot in various locations in downtown Abilene, TX because of the various old brick backdrops. In the past, Abilene was a large manufacturer of the red brick that has become so popular in the Instagram age. The rustic charm of these 100+ year old buildings gave us a ton of backdrops to choose from in our shoots.

Sadie and Zach, or photographer worked incredibly well together. You will absolutely be seeing more of these two talented individuals in the future. We could not have asked for better photos that really showcase the uniqueness of each piece.


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