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WHITL affiliate program

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Over the last several months we have been talking to our customers about what they would like to see happen with WHITL Woodworking; what we could do better, how our customers prefer interacting, and what kind of relationship they want to have with WHITL as a company.

Something that has consistently come up is that people want to be able to offer our product to their social groups and earn a commission doing it.

I hear you. But frankly, creating an affiliate program is something I've always been wary of. There are so many companies that take advantage of their commissioned salespeople where you can only really advance is by creating a down network.

We don't want to be that type of business.

If we are going to create an affiliate program, then I believe that any person should be able to sell at whatever level they are comfortable with and be able to make money without reinvesting it into the product.

While we are considering what the affiliate program would look like I want to make sure that we stay committed to the following guidelines:

  1. Anyone selling WHITL makes money no matter how many items they sell.
  2. No affiliate of WHITL will be required to have stock in their home. We will take care of all shipping and warehousing.
  3. You will be compensated with money, not free or discounted products.

It is my hope that by following these guidelines we can avoid packages that take advantage of influencers and salespeople. So that we can all grow healthy businesses together!

We hear you that you want this! But setting a program like this up is an expensive prospect for us as well. It requires software, time, and developing a full plan.

We need to know if there is any interest before we take something like this on.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below so that we can keep you up to date on everything that is happening with our affiliate program.


Sam Hatton


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