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Why Buffalo Plaid is so HOT this season

Buffalo Plaid header for WHITL Woodworking

Last year we launched WHITL woodworking with just a few pairs of earrings because people wanted a beautiful, fashionable earring that was lightweight and sustainable. They wanted to build a relationship with a company that cared about them and the community. We succeeded in offering that to our customers but something that totally took us by surprise last year was the emergence of buffalo plaid as a popular textile.

I knew that it would be coming back this year with a vengeance so I wanted to do something special. I actually started on this redesign in July because I wanted to create something that really captured the Fall and Winter of 2020. After months of work and input from our customers, I believe I have developed a pair of earrings that everyone can be proud to own! Let’s celebrate Buffalo Plaid and its rugged, versatile history.

Who doesn’t love Buffalo Plaid?

Buffalo Plaid & Maple Charm Wood Earrings White Background
Buffalo Plaid & Maple Charm Wood Earrings handmade by WHITL Woodworking Front View

Buffalo Plaid is from the far northeast United States and across the border in Canada. The pattern dates back to Scotch immigrants coming to the northeast in the early 1800s bringing the pattern on blankets. During the 1850s the company Woolrich popularized the look in the region with flannel shirts. Of which I’m wearing one right now. It’s cold. And that’s the whole idea!

Born out of the utilitarian need for flannel in the harsh fall and winter of the northeastern United States this look has become a staple of American style and synonymous with warmth and comfort. It may be from the northeast but because of its association with flannel it was quickly adopted by cowboys as a popular saddle blanket and shirt. Everyone loves Buffalo Plaid. From the Lumberjack to the cowboy to the Canadian farmer. It is a beautiful pattern that makes utilitarian textiles beautiful.

Why is it so popular?

Well… why not? From lumberjacks to Canadians, everyone who knows cold knows this comfy pattern.

I always get excited when traditional patterns like houndstooth or argyle gain popularity. There is just something about trying to find new takes on something that has been around for such a long time. Something comforting in playing on things that came before. It is up to the every generation to respect what came before but at the same time make it their own. That is why this material is back and in a big way. People are looking for an easy and comfortable reminder of Fall and Americana. When the weather starts to turn cold all you want to do is cozy up in front of a big fire, drink some cocoa, and wear flannel. Why not celebrate it? Plaid is a reminder of comfort and simplicity and that is why it is here to stay. It is a celebration of comfort and hard work. It is a reminder of traditional America and simple enough to stick around.

How to get the look

Buffalo Plaid Deer Head photo for WHITL Woodworking
Buffalo Plaid Deer Head photo for WHITL Woodworking

It just makes sense in cold weather. It’s as traditional as hot cocoa and marshmallows. The real question is “How do you incorporate it in your look”? There I have you covered. When I designed our plaid item for the year I really wanted to make something that stood out. I do, after all, love it enough to wear it myself. I wanted to not only convey the idea of the Fall & Winter season but to create something that was versatile. Something that could go with multiple looks. So that is why I made our Buffalo Plaid Earrings. They were redesigned this year to add a certain sophistication with the incorporation of a buckskin leather teardrop and maple wood deer antler charm. These earrings paired with a comfy wool sweater and light blue denim jeans will make the perfect holiday ensemble for the rest of 2019 and on into 2020. This look is not going anywhere.

I suggest you pair these with a wool cardigan like this one from J. Jill (you don’t have to go cashmere but if you can afford to, why not?) and a pair of your favorite light blue denim jeans. Although I wouldn’t be against going all out and matching them with a flannel shirt. I love this pattern because you can really have fun with it. Before you know it you will be matching the locals on your trip to Ontario. Or looking ahead of the trend in Dallas.

Sweater and Coffee WHITL Woodworking
Sweater and Coffee. A perfect Fall combo.

Buffalo Plaid is a beautiful pattern associated with flannels and traditional American Fall. By itself, it conveys the idea of warm days by the fire and the changing of the leaves. It makes you look forward to Thanksgiving and football. To dream of snowfall and family. That is why we love it and it isn’t going anywhere!


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