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Winter 2020 Accessory Trends

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It doesn't matter if you're looking for a unique gift for those special women in your life or you're the most on-trend person in your office. This list of winter 2020 accessory trends is the definitive style guide for what accessories to wear this season.

High fashion trends from the red carpet have evolved over the past few years.Β  What we have seen this year is a continuation and evolution of trends that have been developing with hoop earrings, charm bracelets, and link chains. While separate culture fashions have continued to incorporate natural materials such as wood and leathers.

Here is the definitive list of Winter Accessory Trends in 2020:


1. Chunky Chains

Large link chains have been all the rage this season and this trend is only speeding up as we get into the winter season. Be constantly on style in any chunky chain jewelry.

Our sunflower charm chain is designed to go perfectly with your winter sweater wear.

2. Rose Gold Rockstars

Rose gold findings have been on the rise in the last two years. This year has seen a surge in rose gold popularity.

Our Christmas Present earrings add a touch of rose gold sophistication to a cute pair of everyday showstoppers.

3. Plaid Perfection

The biggest surprise of 2019 was the emergence of Buffalo Plaid and plaids in general as a must-have for everyone. This year it's evolving from tops to accessories.

Our Buffalo Plaid earrings bring the timelessness of the red and black plaid pattern with the unique charm of leatherettes and small antler charms. These paired with a pair of jeans and a warm, chunky sweater screams winter!

4. Statement Necklaces

Looking back everyone should have seen this one coming. 2020 has been a statement year. That is reflected in jewelry trends for the winter months of the year.

Our Feather Necklace was created to turn heads without saying a word. A statement in and of itself, our 3 section necklace is completed with leather and metal charms.

The concept artwork was developed by local artist Lara Carlin.

5. Single Statement Earrings

PRIDE Earrings model shot

Sometimes you can say a lot without saying a word. That is very much the case with one of our favorite trends of 2020. Single Earrings.

We've provided a list below of designs that have been specifically designed to be worn either individually or in pairs. You'll look incredible either way!

6. Full Circle

2020 has been full of turns. Perhaps that's why we've seen a surge in designs that incorporate circular patterns.

Our circular designs play off the cubists of the '50s and '60s for a sophisticated, modern, touch.

Amelia Presley Gold bar and Walnut Circle Earrings

7. Perfect Pendants

Amelia Presley wearing WHITL Earrings Main

We started WHITL to create lighter alternatives for the large earring trend. 2020 has seen a continuation of the large, pendant earring trend.


8. Creature Comforts

One of the more interesting trends for the fall and winter season is the incorporation of creepy creatures into high fashion.

Model Wearing Spider Earrings


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